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As the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS) grows in size and influence since establishment in 2007, there is an increasing need to establish a new brand architecture that will simplify and unify the RSIS brand across its various corporate departments and research centres.


To create a singular brand identity for RSIS that is strong, global and scalable.


Our journey towards creating singular brand identity for RSIS began with a series of fact-finding interviews with various centre heads and department representatives.

Conversely, we also conducted a review of current collaterals produced by RSIS.

These researches provide us with the information we need to conceptualise the brand architecture, align the brand’s sub-entities with the master brand, and enhance the corporate logo and visual communication system.

The new brand logo comprises a modernized version of the crest, a new logtype that is inspired by the ‘Little Red Dot’ analogy to communicate RSIS’s global influence, and symbolises information and intelligence, as well as the international nature and reach of its work.

A visual identifier, inspired by the globe, was also created for the RSIS brand. It expresses global influence and connections of the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies.

With the set of brand and visual identity in place, we proceed to develop the design application on various collaterals, i.e. name card, envelope, newsletter, reports, banners, etc.

At the end of the branding journey, we conducted a series of brand workshops with the RSIS employees. These sessions help everyone in the organisation to understand and align internal/external use of the brand identity.