J.Avenue Environmental Design and Campaign

CapitaMalls Asia, J Cube

Shopping Mall — Environmental Branding for J.Avenue

Creative Strategy
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Ambient Design


To introduce a brand new shopping experience, J Cube coined J.Avenue: a Harajuku-/Hongdae-inspired cluster in J Cube with short lease periods for an ever-changing line-up of shopping for their customers.


atomz has been involved in the project since the planning stage. The brand J.Avenue and its logo design was coined by and designed by atomz, inspiration drawn from the iconic Abbey Road photo that reflected pop culture. We then further developed their teaser campaign which included the hoarding design and some additional on site collaterals.

atomz was also the sole agency in-charge of designing the décor for J.Avenue that was meant to bring excitement, and photo/selfie opportunities to attract visitors. With 4 unique themed zones:

  1. Kooky Zone, a crazy upside-down world being the key draw as they enter through the main escalator up to level 2.
  2. Subway zone represents street culture, with New York Subway trains and stations, Graffiti. This zone includes 2 trick art for plenty of photo opportunities.
  3. Bike Path Zone transitions visitors to a relaxing gateway into J.Avenue that has an array of popular inspirational memes that can be seen from level 1 and 2.
  4. Lastly, J.Avenue Road is completed with floor stickers and structures such as ERP gantries and Highway gantries that mimic public roads, giving the ambience a unique, wholesome and fun vibe.